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Introducing the ArangoDB PyG Adapter

Introducing the ArangoDB-PyG Adapter

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We are proud to announce the GA 1.0 release of the ArangoDB-PyG Adapter!

The ArangoDB-PyG Adapter exports Graphs from ArangoDB, the multi-model database for graph & beyond, into PyTorch Geometric (PyG), a PyTorch-based Graph Neural Network library, and vice-versa.

On July 29 2022, we introduced the first release of the PyTorch Geometric Adapter to the ArangoML community. We are proud to have PyG as the fourth member of our ArangoDB Adapter Family. You can expect the same developer-friendly adapter options and a helpful getting-started guide via Jupyter Notebook, and stay tuned for an upcoming Lunch & Learn session!

This blog post will serve as a walkthrough of the ArangoDB-PyG Adapter, via its official Jupyter Notebook.

Run this notebook yourself:


Check it out on github

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Anthony Mahanna

Anthony is an Honours Computer Science student at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He first discovered ArangoDB’s multi-model services while working on his image repository side project. After presenting his side project in an ArangoDB Community Pioneer session, Anthony transitioned to working with the Core & ML teams as an SWE intern.

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