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Container Support

ArangoDB offers robust container support, allowing seamless integration into containerized environments. Its Docker image enables easy deployment, scalability, and portability of ArangoDB instances. With Kubernetes, ArangoDB can be efficiently managed in dynamic, cloud-native ecosystems.

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“The Kubernetes operators, WOW, we were able to spin up any clusters within like 5 minutes. The cluster environment setup, it is that easy…super, super, super easy actually."

– Deenu Yadav, AI/ML Specialist

ArangoDB offers comprehensive Docker support, allowing you to containerize and easily deploy the database. Create isolated environments, simplify setup, and enhance portability. Seamlessly integrate ArangoDB into your containerized workflows, leveraging Docker's advantages for efficient development, testing, and deployment.

Official Docker Images:

ArangoDB provides a collection of official Docker images hosted on Docker Hub. These images are maintained and updated by the ArangoDB team, ensuring that you have access to trusted and optimized containers. This eliminates the need to manually configure and build Docker images, saving you time and effort.

Isolation & Portability:

Create isolated environments for each ArangoDB instance. Docker containers encapsulate the database and its dependencies, ensuring they are self-contained and portable. This isolation prevents conflicts between different instances and allows for consistent behavior across different environments, from local development to production.

Simplified Deployment:

ArangoDB's Docker support simplifies the process of deploying and managing ArangoDB instances. Easily spin up new instances, manage different versions of the database, and seamlessly integrate with other containerized services.

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ArangoDB seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes, offering an Operator for simplified deployment, scaling, and failover of database clusters. Dynamic resource allocation ensures optimal performance, while high availability, automated backups, and recovery enhance cluster reliability and data integrity.

Operator Integration:

Deploy, scale, and update your ArangoDB instances effortlessly within your Kubernetes environment. This automation simplifies complex administrative tasks, optimizing resource utilization and ensuring consistent operations.

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling:

Leverage Kubernetes' native capabilities to dynamically scale ArangoDB clusters both horizontally and vertically. Seamlessly adapt to changing workloads by adding or removing nodes, adjusting computing resources, and maintaining high availability.

Rolling Updates and High Availability:

Perform rolling updates without service downtime. Kubernetes' rolling update strategy ensures that ArangoDB instances remain available during updates, enabling continuous service availability.

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Docker Plus Kubernetes for ArangoDB Deployments

Integrating Docker AND Kubernetes within ArangoDB introduces an unmatched level of containerization support. ArangoDB's architecture aligns seamlessly with microservices and containerization principles.

Docker encapsulates ArangoDB instances, achieving isolation, consistency, and reproducibility in deployments. Kubernetes, as a container orchestration platform, enhances operational resilience through features like automated scaling, rolling updates, and self-healing mechanisms.

This robust combination optimizes resource allocation, minimizes downtime, and delivers a finely-tuned containerized environment that surpasses the capabilities of standalone Docker usage.

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