ArangoGraph Now Available on AWS Marketplace

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Today we are excited to announce that ArangoGraph, the ArangoDB Managed Service, is available for purchase in the AWS Marketplace. With this announcement, ArangoGraph can now be purchased directly via both AWS and GCP.

The AWS Marketplace provides an extensive catalog of software solutions for users to easily explore, test, buy, and deploy on AWS. If you’re an AWS customer, here’s what this announcement means for you:

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DGL Adaptor

Introducing the ArangoDB-DGL Adapter

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We are proud to announce the GA 1.0 release of the ArangoDB-DGL Adapter!

The ArangoDB-DGL Adapter exports Graphs from ArangoDB, a multi-model Graph Database, into Deep Graph Library (DGL), a python package for graph neural networks, and vice-versa.

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Introducing the ArangoDB NetworkX Adapter 2

Introducing the ArangoDB-NetworkX Adapter

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We are proud to announce the GA 3.0 release of the ArangoDB-NetworkX Adapter!

The ArangoDB-Networkx Adapter exports Graphs from ArangoDB, a multi-model Graph Database, into NetworkX, the swiss army knife for graph analysis with python, and vice-versa.

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Announcing ArangoDB Series B Funding

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This blog post is to announce ArangoDB’s Series B funding round and provide an update on the progress we have made so far. The company has achieved a lot in the past couple of years since we announced our Series A round of funding in 2019. We are excited for what lies ahead and can’t wait to bring you along for the journey!

series b funding arangodb
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Take Alpha 2 of the upcoming ArangoDB 3.7 for a spin!

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We are 11 weeks into the development of ArangoDB 3.7 and want to give you yet another opportunity to try out the upcoming features before the release. On our technical preview page, you’ll find the Alpha 2 packages for the Community and Enterprise Edition.

This Alpha 2 comes with pretty neat features and improvements and we hope to get your early feedback!

This is particularly helpful for us to adjust our development in terms of solving real-world problems for you and ease-of-use for the new capabilities like: Read more

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Alpha 1 of the upcoming ArangoDB 3.7

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We released ArangoDB version 3.6 in January this year, and now we are already 6 weeks into the development of its follow-up version, ArangoDB 3.7. We feel that this is a good point in time to share some of the new features of that upcoming release with you!

We try not to develop new features in a vacuum, but want to solve real-world problems for our end users. To get an idea of how useful the new features are, we would like to make alpha releases available to everyone as soon as possible. Our goal is get early user feedback during the development of ArangoDB, so we can validate our designs and implementations against the reality, and adjust them if it turns out to be necessary.

If you want to give some of the new features a test drive, you can download the 3.7 Alpha 1 from here – Community and Enterprise – for all supported platforms. Read more

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What’s new in ArangoDB 3.6: OneShard Deployments and Performance Improvements

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Welcome 2020! To kick off this new year, we are pleased to announce the next version of our native multi-model database. So here is ArangoDB 3.6, a release that focuses heavily on improving overall performance and adds a powerful new feature that combines the performance characteristics of a single server with the fault tolerance of clusters.

If you would like to learn more about the released features in a live demo, join our Product Manager, Ingo Friepoertner, on January 22, 2020 – 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 7pm CET for a webinar on “What’s new in ArangoDB 3.6?”. Read more

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Release Candidate 2 of the ArangoDB 3.6 available for testing

We are working on the release of ArangoDB 3.6 and today, just in time for the holiday season, we reached the milestone of RC2. You can download and take the RC2 for a spin: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Read more

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Say Hi To ArangoDB ArangoGraph: A Fully-Managed Multi-Model Database Service

ArangoDB Oasis Managed ServiceAfter two years of planning, preparation and a few lines of code, you can now enjoy an even more comfortable developers’ life with ArangoDB.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of ArangoDB’s managed service ArangoGraph– a fully-managed graph database, document, and key-value store, as well as a full-text search engine – in one place.

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ArangoDB 3.5 Released: Distributed Joins & Transactions

We are super excited to share the latest upgrades to ArangoDB which are now available with ArangoDB 3.5. With the fast-growing team, we could build many new and long-awaited features in the open-source edition and Enterprise Edition. Get ArangoDB 3.5 on our download page and see all changes in the Changelog.

Need to know more about multi-model?

Get our technical White Paper

Maybe good to know: Our Cloud Service offering, ArangoDB ArangoGraph, will run the full Enterprise Edition of ArangoDB 3.5 including all security as well as special features. You can find more about ArangoDB ArangoGraph and play around for 14-days free in the cloud.

Join the upcoming ArangoDB 3.5 Feature Overview Webinar to have a detailed walkthrough on the release with our Head of Engineering and Machine Learning, Jörg Schad. Read more

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