Bridging Knowledge and Language: ArangoDB Empowers Large Language Models for Real-World Applications

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Understanding Large Language Models (LLMs) and Knowledge Graphs

Today, two very different technology concepts have become prominent in data analysis and predictive analytics: Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models (LLMs). These domains each have their unique benefits, and influence the ways that we engage with and derive meaningful insights from constantly expanding and complex datasets.  They are like the Odd Couple – better together than on their own!

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Who’s Who in Data Science

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Multiple data science personas participate in the daily operations of data logistics and intelligent business applications. Management and employees need to understand the big picture of data science to maximize collaboration efforts for these operations. This article will highlight the specialized roles and skillsets needed for the different data science tasks and the best tools to empower data-driven teams. You will come away from this article with a better understanding of how to support your own data science teams, and it is valuable for both managers and team members alike.

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A Comprehensive Case-Study of GraphSage using PyTorchGeometric and Open-Graph-Benchmark

Estimated reading time: 15 minute

This blog post provides a comprehensive study on the theoretical and practical understanding of GraphSage, this notebook will cover:

  • What is GraphSage
  • Neighbourhood Sampling
  • Getting Hands-on Experience with GraphSage and PyTorch Geometric Library
  • Open-Graph-Benchmark’s Amazon Product Recommendation Dataset
  • Creating and Saving a model
  • Generating Graph Embeddings Visualizations and Observations
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