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Managed Service


ArangoGraph, our Managed Service, is the easiest way to take advantage of the power of graph.

Start developing your next-generation graph-powered applications from just $0.20 an hour


Try ArangoGraph for free for 14 days.

Get started quickly, without needing to enter a credit card.
The free trial gives you access to:

  • 1 small (4GB) deployment in a region of your choice for 14 days

  • Local backups

  • 1 ArangoGraph

Notebook for learning and data science.
Pay for your usage via credit card to unlock all ArangoGraph functionality, including:

  • Larger deployments (up to 512GB memory)

  • Advanced security features such as Single Sign On and Private

  • Business hours support from our expert team

No hidden feature addon fees, one price to access everything.
Purchase reserved instances or flexible ArangoGraph credits to access exclusive discounts on ArangoGraph.

In addition gain access to:

  • 24/7 Premium Support

  • ArangoDB Professional Services Engagements

  • Ability to transact via the AWS and GCP marketplaces.

ArangoGraph Cloud
ArangoGraph Cloud


Detailed Pricing

ArangoGraph charges you based on the usage of the infrastructure that you launch, the larger the deployment, the more you will pay per hour.

You are charged a fixed price for the given size you have picked, per node. We recommend 3-node (OneShard) deployments for most production applications, but you can start development with just a single node, or even use up to 128 nodes for massive scale.



Below is a table showing the per-node starting prices for each deployment size (for AWS N. Virginia, other regions will vary):


A828GB80GB$0.35 0.25
A16416GB160GB$0.70 0.5
A32832GB320GB$1.40 1
A641664GB640GB$2.80 2
A12832128GB1280GB$5.60 4
A19248192GB1920GB$8.40 6
A25664256GB2560GB$11.20 8
A38496384GB3840GB$16.80 12
A512128512GB5120GB$22.40 16


Backup Storage

ArangoGraph charges you for each GB of backup stored, this starts at just $0.023 per GB. 

Your total backup cost will depend on your backup frequency and configured retention policy.


Data Transfer

Internal and external data transfer is billed in arrears at the Cloud Provider Rates.
Data processed via a Private Endpoint is charged at $0.02 per GB.

For most customers, we expect this to be approximately 10% of your total bill, but this may vary based on usage