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Graph Vs Relational

“Once we introduced ArangoDB, it eliminated the problem we faced with a relational model - the inability to reorder a tree structure without rebuilding the entire structure.”

- Ray Gill & Jim Davidson
Data & Software Architects
Jama software

ArangoDB-The Most
Complete & Scalable Graph DB

“ArangoDB was able to scale to handle our hundreds of millions of listings, and that translated to billions of relationships.”

- Michael Haapaoja
Software Engineering Manager
OpSec Security

Shortest Path For Real-world Use Cases

"ArangoDB ended up being the only solution that actually caters to ALL our use cases, essentially replacing Elasticsearch, S3, Postgres and glutathione tables in our environment."

- Gün Akkor,
Finite State

Any Cloud. Any Architecture.

Run on Any Cloud

Choose your favored cloud platform with ArangoGraph, a full-managed, scalable, and high-performance graph database service that delivers the added value of an integrated document store, full-text search engine, and geospatial capabilities. This unified solution offers seamless, hassle-free management of these diverse data models and types, relieving you of operational overhead and allowing you to focus on innovation and development.

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Deployment Options

Run on ANY system. Plus, ArangoDB supports Kubernetes through its official Kubernetes Operator, which allows users to deploy and manage ArangoDB clusters within a Kubernetes environment. And with Docker, you can easily deploy and run ArangoDB containers on various platforms, including local development environments, cloud infrastructure, and Kubernetes clusters.

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Any Cloud. Any Architecture.

Develop With Your Favorites

Choose the widest range of clients of any graph database, giving you the flexibility to deploy applications fast and with languages you know and support. Developers leverage their existing knowledge base and experience, thereby reducing the learning curve and enabling more efficient and effective creation and implementation of solutions.

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One Language

One Query Language To Rule Them All

AQL is a unified query language letting you access all your data with a broad range of access patterns like traversals, JOINs, search, geospatial or any combination. Everyone experienced with SQL will have an easy start with AQL and might think AQL feels more like coding.


Deploy with Confidence

Fully-Managed SaaS Graph DB

ArangoGraph, built on the ArangoDB Graph Database.

“With ArangoGraph, we've consolidated all the services of search, graph and document data stores and that advances us leaps and bounds. Using ArangoGraph was the obvious choice”

- Anna Spyker
Lead Data Engineer
Decoded Health

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On Prem / Self-Managed Graph DB

Graph, integrated search engine, JSON support, and Key/Value via a single query language.

“ArangoDB Enterprise was the only Graph DB that featured a document model as well as graph. With Neo4j, well, it has a nice language if you want, but you have a lot of limitations and you don't have documents.

- Vasilis Tsolis
Founder & CEO

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