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From Zero to Advanced Graph Query Knowledge with ArangoDB

Thinking about your data as a highly connected set of information is a powerful way to gain insights, solve problems and bring products faster into the hands of your users.

Unlike other databases, relationships take the first priority in graph databases and with ArangoDBs multi-model approach for graphs, documents and key/value pairs you can even switch between models or combine them in a single query.

The graph concept is booming but still new to many. So we invested a few bazillion coffees and some night shifts to come up with a good plan for a Graph Course:

We also searched for an easy to understand real world dataset and found the US domestic flights data.

We put some thought into presenting the graph concept in a clear way…

… and guide you through the basics of our multi-model query language AQL (ArangoDB Query Language).

To spice things up a bit we thought “Why not take people all the way to advanced query techniques?”. So we added a step-by-step guide through the more advanced topics.

We hope that you will get as excited about the graph concept as we are and please let us know your feedback via learn@arangodb.com.

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Julie Ferrario

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