ArangoDB 2.8 Beta 1: Test the Latest Features

The first beta release of ArangoDB 2.8 is available for download now, adding Array Indexes and Graph Traversals in AQL. Please try the new version, report bugs on Github and provide us your valuable feedback.

Check out the latest blog posts to get some more background about performance improvements and added features. Read more

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ArangoDB 2.8 API Changes: What You Need to Know

There are a few API changes coming in the next 2.8 release. Please have a look if you contribute to a language driver or client-side query builder for ArangoDB. Read more

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ArangoDB 2.7.2: Replication Improvements

ArangoDB 2.7.2 comes with replication improvements and some bug fixes. You can download the latest version from our download page.

Replication improvements:

  • added autoResync configuration parameter for continuous replication. Read more
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ArangoDB 2.7.1: Latest Enhancements & Fixes

In the first maintenance release of ArangoDB 2.7 we have switched from readline to linenoise ng for line-editing and history capabilities on the command line.

Furthermore, the AQL function MERGE() improved, now working on a single array parameter, too. This allows combining the attributes of multiple objects from an array into a single object, e.g.: Read more

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ArangoDB 2.6.9: Maintenance Release Highlights

In ArangoDB 2.6.9 we have fixed an AQL skiplist issue that occurs in a combination of sort and limit.

When using a Skiplist index on an attribute (say “a”) and then using sort and skip on this attribute caused the result to be empty e.g.:

require("internal").db._query("FOR x IN test SORT x.a LIMIT 10, 10");

Was always empty no matter how many documents are stored in test. This is now fixed.

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ArangoDB 2.7 RC1: Preview the Latest Features

We put a lot of brainpower into the next major release of our favorite database. Thanks to your feedback and contributions we got some important steps forward. Share your professional experiences, opinions and feedback with us on this release candidate of ArangoDB 2.7.

This is a quick info about the upcoming 2.7 release – for details please check our documentation and the changelog. Read more

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ArangoDB PHP Driver: Enhancements for Version 2.7

While preparing the release of ArangoDB 2.7, some improvements were made for the PHP driver for ArangoDB.

The 2.7 version of the PHP driver now supports the AQL query results cache. The cache can be turned on or off globally, or be set to demand mode. The demand mode will allow controlling caching on a per-AQL-query basis. Read more

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ArangoDB 2.6.8: Latest Updates and Enhancements

The release ArangoDB 2.6.8 fixes a memory access bug on ARM. So for your pet project on a Raspberry Pi you need to change the CPU alignment setting to allow unaligned memory access.

There is no need to update to 2.6.8 for other distributions. Read more

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AWS AMI Upgrade: Enhancements and Improvements

ArangoDB is available as Amazon Marketplace Image (AMI) for free.

The process to submit and publish a new ArangoDB image to the marketplace takes some time and you might not find the latest release in the marketplace store yet. However, updating to the latest version is not that hard.

First, log in to the virtual machine with the user ubuntu and the public DNS name of the instance. Read more

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ArangoDB 2.6.7: Maintenance Release Overview | ArangoDB Blog

A new maintenance release 2.6.7 is available for download.


  • Improved edge index performance when using collections with more than 100 Mio. edges
  • added startup option --server.additional-threads to create separate queues for slow requests.
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