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July 2022: What’s the Latest with ArangoDB?

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Hello Community,

Welcome to the July ArangoDB newsletter. This month, we invite you to:

Upcoming Event: ArangoDB Summit 2022

ArangoDB Summit

We’re excited to announce our first two-day industry event: ArangoDB Summit 2022!

This 100% virtual (and FREE!) event will include a variety of talks, workshops, and conversations surrounding ArangoDB and the Graph Database Industry. Here’s a bit of what you can expect:

  • Three talk tracks: ML / Innovation, Business, and Developer
  • The latest updates from ArangoDB
  • Meet other brilliant minds and exchange ideas in our Networking area

Grab your free ticket today while supplies last!

Tuesday, October 4th – Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 

Register here ->

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.12: What is a Graph Database?

Lunch Session Cover Images (5)

Graphs occur everywhere in everyday life: your network of friends, the network of roads you drive on, and the supply chain of factories, ships, and roads that brought you the device you’re reading this on. Graph databases themselves are the hottest thing in the database industry. Join our Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Laura Cope as she explores what a graph database is and the various use cases it supports.

Wednesday, August 3rd 2022 – 12:00pm in your local time zone

Register now ->

BeyondGraph 22: Check out the replay!

Last month we held our second annual virtual developer conference: BeyondGraph 22. We enjoyed spending the day sharing the latest updates from ArangoDB and connecting with you.

Whether you attended or not, we have good news: all the content is available on demand! Check out sessions such as ‘Lord of the Graphs,’ ‘AQL from Zero to Hero,’ and ‘Machine Learning Meets Graph Databases’ at your leisure 😎.

Watch recording ->

Community Spotlight: ArangoRDF

ArangoRDF is a long-requested feature from our community that allows for importing RDF graphs and ontologies into ArangoDB, and it is still in active development. The community members at MSG brought this project to us, and we collaborated for the initial release. As this project started with the community, MSG has offered to open source it so that it will stay with the community as a part of the ArangoDB-Community GitHub organization.

We have brought it the first step of the way, but it is far from finished. We would be grateful for any feedback in the form of GitHub issues and welcome any pull requests. 

If you aren’t sure how to get started with RDF, check out the upcoming Lunch and Learn session where Chris Woodward introduces basic RDF concepts and how to get started with this new utility. 

Check out the repository to start using the early work-in-progress build of ArangoRDF.

New ArangoDB ArangoGraph Demo: Movie Recommendations

ArangoDB Oasis Managed Service for ArangoDB

The latest demo on our cloud service, ArangoDB ArangoGraph, combines machine learning and graph for better recommendations – all in the cloud. The machine learning team (ArangoML) developed a recommendation engine called ‘ArangoFlix’ that offers five different recommendation types using external machine learning and pure AQL solutions. 

To check out the ArangoFlix demo, log in to your ArangoDB ArangoGraph account, navigate to the ‘Examples’ tab within your deployment, and click install to access the demo database, guide, and site.

Not using ArangoGraph yet? Not a problem! Sign up for a free trial today.

Try ArangoDB ArangoGraph ->

Upcoming Events

Where else can you find ArangoDB?

ArangoDB recognized as Leader on G2

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be recognized by our users as a Graph Database Leader on G2 Crowd. 

Are you happy with how things are going with ArangoDB so far, and have a few minutes to spare? Then take a break from coding and write a review about your experience on G2

Write review now ->

We hope you enjoyed our latest news!

Until next month,
The ArangoDB Team

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