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ArangoDB Newsletter #131: March Updates and Insights

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We’ve officially entered Spring this month, so perhaps it’s time for a little spring cleaning? Here’s a few suggestions from us: 

Anything else you’d like to learn about? Drop us a line anytime at community [at] arangodb [dot] com.

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #5: AQL Query Performance Optimization 101 (Part I)


Looking to optimize your AQL queries? 

In this newly-released lunch break, ArangoDB Senior Developer Jan Steemann demonstrates if and how your indexes in ArangoDB can help AQL query performance, as well as shares practical advice around how to set them up so that they can help as much as possible.

Watch now ->

ArangoML Blog Series: Bootstrapping and Bias Variance

This post is the third in a series of posts about machine learning and showcasing the benefits ArangoML adds to your machine learning pipelines. It:

  • Introduces bootstrapping and bias-variance concepts
  • Estimates and analyzes the variance of the model from part 2
  • Captures the metadata for this activity with arangopipe

Read the blog ->

Video Recording:

Graph Analytics with ArangoDB

ArangoDB-3.8-Webinar-ImageMany powerful Machine Learning algorithms are based on graphs, e.g., Page Rank (Pregel), Recommendation Engines (collaborative filtering), text summarization, and other NLP tasks.

In this hands-on workshop, ArangoDB Head of Engineering Jörg Schad and Developer Relations Engineer Chris Woodward explore a number of use cases suitable for Graph Analytics — and in particular leverage ArangoDB’s Graph Algorithms Library.

Watch the full video here ->

Upcoming Events

Where else can you find ArangoDB?

Calling All Community Pioneers!


We are continuing our Community Pioneer program, the goal of which is to give back to our vast open-source community around the world by spreading the word about your amazing contributions.

Interested in sharing something cool you’re building with ArangoDB? We’d love, love, love to hear from you. Get in touch at community [at] arangodb [dot] com

Spotlight on ArangoSearch: ArangoBnB

ArangoBnB is a JavaScript Fullstack project that showcases the functionality of ArangoSearch and the various features it can bring to your applications, such as GeoJSON functionality. Some goals of this project include:

  • Search an AirBnB dataset to find rentals nearby a specified location
  • Filter these based on keywords, date, and number of guests
  • Natural language search (Ex: Houses in Florida with pools.)
  • Index data using ArangoSearch Views
  • Use AQL for all queries

Want to contribute? Check out the GitHub repo!

Check out ArangoBnB ->

ArangoDB recognized as Leader on G2

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be recognized by our users as a Graph Database Leader on G2 Crowd. 


Are you happy with how things are going with ArangoDB so far, and have a few minutes to spare? Then take a break from coding and write a review about your experience on G2

Write a review now ->

We hope you enjoyed our latest news!

Until next time 🖖
The ArangoDB Team

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