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ArangoDB Newsletter #130: February Updates and Insights

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Hello community!

This month we post on the blog bearing gifts up upcoming events, content we think you might enjoy, as well as suggestions around how to get involved with the community. Read on!

We’d also love to hear from *you*! Drop us a line anytime at community [at] arangodb [dot] com.

Upcoming Events:

New! Graph & Beyond Lunch Breaks

lunch sessions

We recently launched a new video series called ‘Graph & Beyond’. Every other week, various ArangoDB team members talk about their favorite multi-model subject in short 10-15 minute videos. Topics covered so far include fraud detection, ArangoSearch, as well as eCommerce use cases and graph analytics.

Sign up here to have the video sent to your inbox at lunch time!

Video Recording:

Getting Started with ArangoDB ArangoGraph

Looking to move to the cloud this year? Curious to get a glimpse of ArangoGraph, the easiest way to run ArangoDB?

Ewout Prangsma, ArangoDB ArangoGraph Architect and Team Lead, recently gave a walk-through on how to get started, as well as get the most out of the platform. Topics covered include:

  • Creating your first deployment
  • How to choose the right configuration and node size
  • Inviting colleagues to join you
  • Security best practices
  • Introduction to automation with ArangoGraph

Watch the full video here ->

ArangoML Blog Series: Basic Arangopipe Workflow

ArangoML - Machine Learning

The second post in our ArangoML blog series introduces machine learning concepts and demonstrates basic model building. It also shows how to log a model building activity with arangopipe, our tool for managing machine learning pipelines.  

Read the blog ->

Spotlight on ArangoSearch: ArangoBnB

ArangoBnB is a JavaScript Fullstack project that showcases the functionality of ArangoSearch and the various features it can bring to your applications, such as GeoJSON functionality. Some goals of the project include:

  • Search an AirBnB dataset to find rentals nearby a specified location
  • Filter these based on keywords, date, and number of guests
  • Natural language search (Ex: Houses in Florida with pools.)
  • Index data using ArangoSearch Views
  • Use AQL for all queries

Want to contribute? Check out the GitHub repo!

Visit ArangoBnB GitHub Repo ->

Calling All Community Pioneers!

community pioneer

We are continuing our Community Pioneer program, the goal of which is to give back to our vast open-source community around the world by spreading the word about your amazing contributions.

Interested in sharing something cool you’re building with ArangoDB? We’d love, love, love to hear from you. Get in touch at community [at] arangodb [dot] com.

Upcoming Events

Where else can you find ArangoDB?

ArangoDB recognized as Leader on G2

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be recognized by our users as a Graph Database Leader on G2 Crowd. 

Are you happy with how things are going with ArangoDB so far, and have a few minutes to spare? Then take a break from coding and
write a review about your experience on G2

Write a review now ->

We hope you enjoyed our latest news!

Until next time 🖖
The ArangoDB Team

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