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ArangoDB Assembles 10,000 GitHub Stargazers

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Today is a marvelous day for the ArangoDB project and the community behind it.

A couple of minutes ago, the 10,000th stargazer joined the project on GitHub, and we want to send a really big “Thank You!” to each and everyone of you for showing your support.

Thank you for all your pull requests, issue reports, emails, meetings, projects, votings and reviews, which forge our thinking and fuel our motivation.

A few years ago, we were only a small team of engineers who started to raise the question “Can data models become features?”. 

Back then developers had to either stay with one database and construct workarounds to make up for missing capabilities, or introduce a second, maybe even third, persistence technology into their applications – and all the complexity that comes along with it. With native multi-model in ArangoDB, developers can easily go “Graph & Beyond” and basically just have to change a query to use the right data model for the right job.

The feedback to the idea of a multi-model database has not always been “Hurray!!!”. Many criticized the idea behind ArangoDB for working on some kind of ‘silver bullet’ which we all know does not exist. But, ultimately, it is about software. Developers always find ways to overcome a problem and code complexity away. And this is what we did to databases.

Guided by our users, customers and founders we got rid of the need to manage multiple databases and even allow to combine data models in a single query. With ArangoGraph, users do not even have to worry about running ArangoDB as a dedicated team is doing it for them.

Fast forward to 2020, and the small team grew to over 60 people and a community of thousands of Arangos around the globe. Multi-model is a thing now and, according to DB-Engines, ArangoDB is among the most popular Graph and Document databases, as well as Search Engines.

Without many early believers, especially on the customer side, we would have never crossed this milestone today. A very grateful “Thank you!!!” goes out to all our customers who put their trust in a very early product in 2016 and 2017, and our investors, Bow Capital & Target Partners, who saw the huge potential of data models becoming features and their exceptional support.

The whole team is so grateful for all your energy lighting up so many bulbs 🙂

To graph and beyond!

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