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You can now become an ArangoDB Certified Professional

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Ok, so it is official now… I mean the Official ArangoDB Certification Program 🙂

Starting today you can become an ArangoDB Certified Professional and show the world the multi-model skills you have earned. To get your personal certificate you just have to take the online quiz and answer 80% of the multiple-choice questions correctly.

The online test will cover various topics like:

  • General knowledge about ArangoDB
  • Query composition
  • Performance tuning
  • Data modeling

You will be asked a little over 50 questions and have 60 minutes to complete the quiz. Some questions will be easy, some a bit more tricky, but definitely doable for everyone who already has experience in ArangoDB. You can do the exam as many times as you want. Start the Certification Exam here.

If you are relatively new to ArangoDB… welcome to the community! You can check out these free learning resources to prepare for the certification:

ArangoDB Certified Professional

Once certified, consider adding “ArangoDB” to your skills on LinkedIn. Many cool projects and great companies are looking for experienced Arangos out there or share it with your followers on social media.

We wish you good luck and have fun during the quiz!

Become ArangoDB Certified Professional


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