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Public Preview of Microsoft Azure Now Available on ArangoDB Oasis

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Today we are excited to invite everybody to take the first public preview of Azure on ArangoDB ArangoGraph for a test ride. In case you haven’t joined ArangoGraph yet, please find more details about our offering and a 14-day free trial on cloud.arangodb.com. Just choose Microsoft Azure as your cloud provider and choose from the many regions we already support.

You can share all feedback with us about regions you’d love to see added or other improvements on slack. Please use the #ArangoGraph channel on Community Slack or raise an issue via the “Request Help” button in the bottom right corner of ArangoGraph.

Please note that this is a public preview and not meant to be run in production.

Big Thanks to the Microsoft Azure Team

Before we dive into the details of the public preview for Azure on ArangoGraph, we’d like to take a minute to send a big “Thank You!” to the Microsoft Azure team. The responsiveness and quality of their support as well as motivation to help us succeed has been exemplary. When building complex systems everything can’t be perfect but the support of the many different people at Azure has been. Thanks for making it possible to share the ArangoGraph Azure offering so quickly with our community!

Azure on ArangoDB ArangoGraph: That’s in

In this public preview, you can test the full feature set of ArangoDB ArangoGraph on Azure for your projects. We already support a range of Azure regions including

  • East US, Virginia: eastus2
  • West US, Washington: westus2
  • Central Canada, Toronto: canadacentral
  • West Europe, Netherlands: westeurope
  • UK, London: uksouth

We based the initial regions on customer feedback and can easily add more if you require them. Just use the “Request Help” button in the bottom right corner of ArangoGraph and raise an issue for your preferred region.

Azure Pricing on ArangoGraph

Azure will have a similarly low prices to get started with as ArangoDB ArangoGraph on Google Cloud or AWS. You can get started with as little as $0,27/hour for a 3 node, highly available OneShard setup with 4GB memory and 10GB storage per node.

Please see detailed prices for various setups on the pricing page within ArangoGraph.

Limitations within the Public Preview

Until we can declare Azure on ArangoGraph production-ready, there is still one thing to be fixed. Currently, it is not possible to change the disk size after a deployment has been created. This is something which we want to fix within the next couple of weeks. In case you have an account of type “professional”, you can use a slider to configure the disk size. We also recommend that you only choose well-known values for the disk size.

You can get started with ArangoGraph easily and for free. Just sign-up for ArangoGraph and create your first deployment with just a few clicks. The first 14 days are on the house. No credit card needed. Test-run ends automatically after 14 days of use.

Get started with ArangoGraph on Azure, Google Compute or AWS

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Joerg Schad

Joerg Schad

Jörg Schad is our CTO. In a previous life, he worked on Machine Learning Infrastructure in health care, distributed systems at Mesosphere, implemented distributed and in-memory databases, and conducted research in the Hadoop and Cloud area. He’s a frequent speaker at meetups, international conferences, and lecture halls.

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