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ArangoDB and the Cloud-Native Ecosystem: Integration Insights

ArangoDB is joining CNCF to continue its focus on providing a scalable native multi-model database, supporting Graph, Document, and Key-Value data models in the Cloud Native ecosystem.


ArangoDB is a scalable multi-model model database. What does that mean?

You might have already encountered different NoSQL databases specialized for different data models e.g., graph or document databases. However most real-life use-cases actually require a combination of different data models like Single View of Everything, Machine Learning or even Case Management projects to name but a few.

In such scenarios, single data model databases typically require merging data from different databases and often even reimplementing some database logic in the application layer as well as the effort to operate multiple database in a production environment.

Avoiding this problem and providing flexibility to users by supporting different data models from within one database engine is the core motivation behind multi-model databases and especially ArangoDB.

By being a native multi-model database ArangoDB provides for example:

  • High-Performance as all queries can be handled by the same database engine
  • User-Friendliness by providing one simple query language AQL across different data-models
  • Operator-Friendliness by removing the need to support a vast number of different database systems
  • Support for Graph, Document, Key-value data models, as well as query capabilities for graph traversals, document, geo queries, and full-text indexing and search

ArangoDB and the Cloud Native Ecosystem

You might wonder why the Cloud Native Ecosystem and in particular CNCF is important for an open source database such as ArangoDB.

In short, our project and users are benefiting greatly from many CNCF projects (including Kubernetes, Prometheus, GRPC, etcd, and others) and on the other hand we are seeing Kubernetes becoming an important deployment platform for ArangoDB users as well as for our managed service offering

Take for example our recently launched managed service ArangoDB ArangoGraph which allows everyone to easily deploy fully managed and monitored ArangoDB clusters with your choice of cloud provider. ArangoGraph relies heavily on Kubernetes as a uniform deployment platform minimizing the implementation effort to support different Cloud Provider.

For such scenarios we are seeing that Kubernetes is evolving to an abstraction for both stateless as well as stateful systems. This flexibility is also supported by Kube-ArangoDB, our Open Source Operator which allows users to easily deploy ArangoDB on their own Kubernetes Cluster.

The interaction and integration with the Cloud Native ecosystem extends even further when looking into the operating of ArangoDB. Here we see even more CNCF projects such as Prometheus.

So overall, ArangoDB benefits and contributes to the Cloud Native Ecosystem at the same time and so we are proud to be part of CNCF!

We are more than happy to see CNCF grow rapidly and already exceeding 500 members.

Claudius Weinberger (CEO and Co-Founder)
Jörg Schad (Head of Engineering and Machine Learning)
Ewout Prangsma (Architect and Teamlead ArangoGraph)

Where to go from here?

If you want to experience ArangoDB’s role in the Cloud Native Ecosystem yourself, here some options:


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