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Early Bird Sign-up Open for ArangoDB Managed Service

ArangoDB already had quite some nice announcements this year… so we thought we should stick with it.

Today, we are pleased to announce the managed service for ArangoDB, and with it, early sign-ups are open.

Many asked us for a service that would relieve you from hosting, managing and monitoring ArangoDB deployments. We already made deployment very easy with the ArangoDB Starter or the Kubernetes Operator but… you know, having not even to think about it is even better 🙂

Over the past months, we built up a dedicated team, defined the architecture and started building a modern and fully-hosted service for ArangoDB. We call this managed service ArangoDB ArangoGraph.

ArangoDB ArangoGraph is a fully-hosted, managed and monitored service for your cluster deployments. Created by the team who spearheads our distributed systems, ArangoDB ArangoGraph provides all the goodies you can expect from a modern offering:

  • Easily define the size of your cluster
  • Choose provider (Google, AWS or Azure) and region of your cluster deployments*
  • Enterprise-Grade Security including TLS network encryption, encryption at rest and limiting access to your database endpoints*
  • Fine-grained access control for your deployments
  • Easily create various projects within your organisation to match your company’s structure and launch cluster deployments in those projects
  • Automated backups with configurable backup intervals

Our ArangoDB Oasis team is on schedule to provide a public pre-release pretty soon. Find a time table for our managed service release below:

Managed Service Timeline

You can find more details and join the Early Bird list for ArangoDB Oasis on our managed service page. Being on the Early Bird list will allow you to be one of the first to access the pre-release, stay up to date on the team’s progress, guide ArangoDB Oasis product development with your feedback, and with some luck, win one of the Extended Free Trial Accounts for ArangoDB Oasis.

Join the Early Bird list

*not all providers and features will be available in pre-release

Julie Ferrario

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