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ArangoDB Cluster Administration Course Released

Cluster Administration course will take you all the way from concept and anatomy of the ArangoDB cluster to maintenance, resilience and troubleshooting of your distributed environment.

When data size or workload makes purchasing of a single database server prohibitive one needs to rethink the system architecture and consider to cluster a farm of more affordable machines. While ArangoDB clusters bring additional added value like seamless runtime scaling and thin provisioning, their management can look testy and challenging.

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ArangoDB Cluster Administration

We have tried to make the experience of bootstrapping, maintenance and operation of an ArangoDB cluster as easy as possible. With this course, we are addressing the general overview of administrative aspects of operating an ArangoDB cluster for database administrators and application engineers on an intermediate level.

The course shall touch upon inner workings and mechanisms involved in clustering of ArangoDB databases. It discusses basic administrative tasks like startup, orderly shutdown, rolling upgrading, creation and dropping of cluster database entities, authentication, SSL transport, live scaling of the cluster, and basic troubleshooting.

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Kaveh Vahedipour

Kaveh, Master in theoretical physics in Cologne, Zuerich and Bonn. Ph.D. in physics. Joined ArangoDB after medical imaging research and lecturing at Juelich Research Center, RWTH Aachen University, Maastricht University and New York University. He joined ArangoDB in 2016 as a core software engineer. He has been responsible for the development of core facilities in the ArangoDB cluster; among them the consensus infrastructure.

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