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Webinar: The native multi-model approach and its benefits for developers, architects and DevOps

Tuesday, May 16th (6PM CEST/12PM ET/ 9AM PT) – Join the webinar here.

This webinar gives a general overview of the multi-model database movement, in particular we will discuss its main advantages and technological benefits from an architect and devops perspective.

Since the first relational databases were invented the needs of companies and the technological possibilities have changed completely. Luca Olivari (recently announced President of ArangoDB) will deep dive into current trends in the database world, how native multi-model databases help companies of all sizes, and walk you through use cases where ArangoDB is beneficial. He will share decades of experience in the field and views on ever-changing needs of developers, companies and customers in the modern times.

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In particular we will discuss:

  • Quick history of database evolvement since the 70s
  • Shortcomings of relational and the dawn of NoSQL databases
  • What do developers need and companies want?
  • Native Multi-model characteristics
  • One Core. One Query Language. Three Data Models
  • Open Source Advantages
  • Customers and their Use Cases
  • Q&A

Join Luca on Tuesday, May 16th (6PM CEST/12PM ET/ 9AM PT) to understand how ArangoDB, as a native multi-model database can benefit everyone.

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