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Florian Leibert & Luca Olivari Join ArangoDB

We have some amazing news today. Two brilliant minds are joining ArangoDB and our recently founded Advisory Council. Florian Leibert is CEO of Mesosphere and Luca Olivari former Executive at Oracle and MongoDB. Together with their rare expertise we can further sharpen our focus on cutting edge technologies and accelerate our growth.

Maybe a few words about Florian and Luca:
Florian Leibert is the CEO and Co-founder of Mesosphere. As one of the brightest technical minds in Silicon Valley, Florian enabled Twitter to establish a microservice architecture and built AirBnB’s big data team. At Mesosphere, he is now building DC/OS, the revolutionary open source datacenter operating system based on Apache Mesos, which is already used at his former companies in exciting use cases like Verizon Wireless. Florian will help ArangoDB to further sharpen its focus on the needs of large scale enterprises, their problems and solutions.

Luca Olivari is a software executive and advisor. He has held several senior leadership positions in general management, sales, presales and marketing at public as well as venture-backed, high-growth startups. Currently, Luca serves as a Chief Data Officer at Contactlab, a leading engagement marketing cloud provider, and also as advisor to several other startups. Previously Luca ran International Business Development and Channels at MongoDB, and before he led MySQL Sales Consulting across EMEA at Oracle. Luca will work with ArangoDB to further strengthen product demand, market presence, ecosystem and ultimately grow revenue.

“On behalf of the whole ArangoDB team I want to extend a warm welcome to Luca and Florian! Our company is entering a phase of explosive international growth and we’re really excited to work with both of you.”

Luca and Florian will guide us on our path towards a world-class open adoption company providing a cutting edge open source database and solid products for large scale needs.



  1. ArangoDB database on January 10, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    Sorry for the late reply. The teams of all graph dbs are communicating on another level among each other. With every new feature or performance improvements we all learn but keep the competition high. We believe that is the fastest way to get the best native multi-model database out 🙂

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