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ArangoDB 3.2 Alpha 2: Preview of Upcoming Release

The official ArangoDB 3.2 release is almost around the corner. In the meantime, you can play around and test some of the upcoming new features as they come along. The alpha2 version of the upcoming ArangoDB 3.2 is available for testing and can be downloaded here. If you already have ArangoDB installed, please remember to backup your data and run an upgrade after installing the alpha2 release. Note that this version is not suitable for production usage and is supplied only for testing purposes.

Not getting into too much detail yet – one major change in ArangoDB 3.2 is that it will contain two storage engines. The current storage engine based on memory mapped files and a new one backed by RocksDB. This alpha2 release contains some steps towards this goal, as well as independent improvements and previews of new features.

This alpha release (alpha2) features:

  • upgraded to V8
  • ArangoDB export tool (Read corresponding blog post for more details)
  • better AQL statistics
  • removal of an explicit read-cache
  • improvements in parallel index loading
  • better stacktraces in Foxx apps to improve debugging experience

We will publish new preliminary releases including more updates as soon as they are stable.

Your comments, feedback and bug reports are very welcome – get in touch via our Community Slack #feedback32 channel.

Download alpha2 of ArangoDB 3.2

Happy testing!

Julie Ferrario


  1. buffonomics on March 21, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Looking forward to that RocksDB HD(SSD) storage engine.
    Current Memory usage is killing us.

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