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ArangoDB 3.1 Enterprise: Scaling Graphs

In addition to our community version of ArangoDB 3.1 we are excited to release our first Enterprise Edition today. The Enterprise Editions of ArangoDB focuses on enterprise-scale problems and provides useful features to meet the requirements of enterprise customers. You can download a free evaluation-only version here: Download Enterprise Edition. ArangoDB Enterprise Edition also comes with the Enterprise subscription, including comprehensive support SLA.

This first ArangoDB Enterprise Edition includes three major features:

  • SmartGraphs: Scale with graphs to a cluster and stay performant. With SmartGraphs you can use the “smartness” of your application layer to shard your graph efficiently to your machines and let traversals run locally
  • Encryption Control: Choose your level of SSL encryption
  • Auditing: Keep a detailed log of all the important things that happened in ArangoDB

What one can see everywhere is the rise of large data-sets which grow easily beyond one machine. This includes graph data. With the ArangoDB Enterprise Edition we introduce SmartGraphs to provide a performant solution to many cases where you have to traverse through a graph sharded to a cluster. Our new SmartGraphs feature aims to solve the problem of network hops that occur when traversing through a sharded graph. These network hops are very expensive. But with ArangoDB SmartGraphs the sharding and traversal execution becomes highly efficient. Now traversal execution times can be achieved which are in the sphere of a single instance. If you like to read more about SmartGraphs, please find a detailed description here.

Beside our new SmartGraph feature we’ve also put some deeper thoughts into security. As a further step to our existing features you can enjoy enhanced encryption and auditing as a Enterprise Edition user. Please find a brief overview about those features here.

If you want to give ArangoDB Enterprise a spin you can download an evaluation version here.

We are keen to learn more about your project and support it with all our experience – get in touch, we are happy to help.

Have fun giving ArangoDB Enterprise a spin and receiving your feedback is highly appreciated.

Julie Ferrario

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