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ArangoDB 2.8.6 Maintenance Release: Enhancements and Fixes

The ArangoDB 2.8.6 maintenance release comes with improved arangosh and some general bug fixes. You can download the latest version from our download page.

  • arangosh can now execute JavaScript script files that contain a shebang in the first line of the file. This allows executing script files directly. Provided there is a script file /path/to/script.js with the shebang #!arangosh --javascript.execute:
    cat /path/to/script.js #!arangosh --javascript.execute print("hello from script.js");

    If the script file is made executable

    chmod a+x /path/to/script.js

    it can be invoked on the shell directly and use arangosh for its execution:

    /path/to/script.js hello from script.js

    This did not work in previous versions of ArangoDB, as the whole script contents (including the shebang) were treated as JavaScript code. Now shebangs in script files will be ignored for all files passed to arangosh’s --javascript.execute parameter.

    The alternative way of executing a JavaScript file with arangosh still works:

    arangosh --javascript.execute /path/to/script.js hello from script.js
  • added missing reset of traversal state for nested traversals. The state of nested traversals (a traversal in an AQL query that was located in a repeatedly executed subquery or inside another FOR loop) was not reset properly, so that multiple invocations of the same nested traversal with different start vertices led to the nested traversal always using the start vertex provided on the first invocation.
  • fixed issue #1781: ArangoDB startup time increased tremendously
  • fixed issue #1783: SIGHUP should rotate the log

Julie Ferrario

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