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ArangoDB Weekly #34 | Release 2.6.8 (ARM), aqlQuery Template String Generator

In just a few days we will publish our release candidate of ArangoDB 2.7. As secure performance and ease of use are our key goals, we worked hard on some nice improvements like

  • Index Buckets (Reducing loading time for collections and enable faster resizing)
  • Throughput Enhancements (Real world tests showed 25-75% increase of throughput compared to 2.6)
  • Enhancements for AQL like “return distinct”, “template query strings” or the brand new “AQL query result cache”

So stay tuned!

ArangoDB Releases

The release ArangoDB 2.6.8 fixes a memory access bug on ARM. So for your pet project on a Raspberry Pi you should update to this new release. There is no need to update to 2.6.8 for other distributions.

You can find a full list of changes in our change-log (2.6.8)

ArangoDB related (Drivers and more)

  • (Coffee-Script) loopback-connector-arangodb (0.1.0) – new LoopBack connector npm by Matteo Padovano
  • (Java) arangodb-java-driver , added missing revision, id and key update after create, replace etc. (Achim)
  • (JavaScript) arangojs (4.0 alpha5) – streamlines the driver’s API by removing unnecessary server roundtrips (Alan)
  • (JavaScript) aqb (2.0.2) – ArangoDB query builder (Alan)
  • (PHP) arangodb-php-driver (2.5) – performance improvements (Jan)
  • (Python) python-arango (2.1.0) – added new DB management functions (Joohwan Oh)
  • (Scala) scarango (early stage) – Just another Scala driver for ArangoDB. Designed to be used with Akka and graph structures. (Aurelijus)

Documentation and Cookbook

Questions on Stackoverflow and Google Groups


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