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New Address for GitHub: ArangoDB Updates


We have moved our ArangoDB Github repository from triAGENS to arangodb.

The database:

triAGENS/ArangoDB –> arangodb/arangodb

We’ve also moved:

  • arangodb-php –> arangodb/arangodb-php
  • elasticsearch-river-arangodb –> arangodb/elasticsearch-river-arangodb

For a certain amount of time the old triAGENS – repositories will redirect to the new ones.


Ingo Friepoertner

Ingo is dealing with all the good ideas from the ArangoDB community, customers and industry experts to improve the value provided by the company’s native multi-model approach. In former positions he worked as a product owner and tech consultant, building custom software solutions for large companies in various industries. Ingo holds a diploma in business informatics from FHDW University of Applied Sciences.


  1. Alexandra BUCUR on April 9, 2020 at 6:58 am

    Hy guys. How can I get in touch with some technical experts? I have some questions I thought you might help me with….

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