ArangoDB 2.3.2

This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

A maintenance release for ArangoDB 2.3 is available for download or via your favourite package manager.

v2.3.2 (2014-12-09)

* fixed issue #1173: AQL Editor "Save current query" resets user password

* fixed missing makeDirectory when fetching a Foxx application from a zip file

* put in warning about default changed: fixed issue #1134: Change the default endpoint to localhost

* fixed issue #1163: invalid fullCount value returned from AQL

* fixed range operator precedence 

* limit default maximum number of plans created by AQL optimizer to 256 (from 1024)

* make AQL optimizer not generate an extra plan if an index can be used, but modify
  existing plans in place

* fixed AQL cursor ttl (time-to-live) issue

  Any user-specified cursor ttl value was not honored since 2.3.0.

* fixed segfault in AQL query hash index setup with unknown shapes

* fixed memleaks

* added AQL optimizer rule for removing `INTO` from a `COLLECT` statement if not needed

* fixed issue #1131

  This change provides the `KEEP` clause for `COLLECT ... INTO`. The `KEEP` clause
  allows controlling which variables will be kept in the variable created by `INTO`.

* fixed issue #1147, must protect dispatcher ID for etcd
Dr. Frank Celler

Frank Celler

Frank is both entrepreneur and backend developer, developing mostly memory databases for two decades. He is the CTO and co-founder of ArangoDB. Try to challenge Frank asking him questions on C, C++ and MRuby. Besides Frank organizes Cologne’s NoSQL group & is an active member of NoSQL community.

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  1. Antonis Karagiannis on December 11, 2014 at 10:26 am

    special thanks on fixing issue #1163 in such a timely manner.
    great job guys, keep up this awesome work!

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