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Improved Non-Unique Hash Indexes in ArangoDB 2.3

With ArangoDB 2.3 now getting into the beta stage, it’s time to spread the word about new features and improvements.

Today’s post will be about the changes made to non-unique hash indexes.

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Jan Steemann

Jan Steemann

After more than 30 years of playing around with 8 bit computers, assembler and scripting languages, Jan decided to move on to work in database engineering. Jan is now a senior C/C++ developer with the ArangoDB core team, being there from version 0.1. He is mostly working on performance optimization, storage engines and the querying functionality. He also wrote most of AQL (ArangoDB’s query language).

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  1. Simran Brucherseifer on November 19, 2014 at 11:15 am

    Very modest, Jan, “scales well” -> lower cardinalities are even faster than cardinality of 100k 😀

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