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Documentation Review & Roadmap: ArangoDB Updates

We want to present you our growing documentation. A few weeks ago we published the new documentation with a completely new look and a far better structure than before.

Since than we fixed some small issues and rewrote some of the sections. In addition you can fold the code examples for a better overview. Now these code examples will be generated before the release of a new documentation. Because of that the code will be accurate. Now you have the possibility to download .epub or .mobi for your ebook-reader. This way you can explore ArangoDB comfortable on a trip even if you have no internet.

The foundation of our new documentation is build and we think it will help you to understand ArangoDB and its functions. Of course there are some plans for the near future to make our documentation more extensive.

We want to make the documentation even more clearer. So you can find everything you desire as soon as possible. It is planned to add an extra subchapter in most of the chapters with a list of all functions. This way you have a better overview about all functions with a brief explanation. With this list you don’t have to scroll through a whole chapter to find a specific function.

We are planning to add a cookbook to the documentation. In the cookbook you will find recipes that will show you how to solve specific problems. Also you will learn even more how ArangoDB works with the help of the examples in the cookbook. The recipes wont only give you the resolution of a problem, it will also help you understand it by explaining the ingredients!

What we need in addition is YOUR help!

If you find errors in the documentation, tell us.

If you think a section or a chapter isn’t descriptive enough, just tell us.

We want to make our documentation better each and every day and as supportive as possible, so you can experience the whole depth of ArangoDB!

Frank Celler

Frank Celler

Frank is both entrepreneur and backend developer, developing mostly memory databases for two decades. He is the CTO and co-founder of ArangoDB. Try to challenge Frank asking him questions on C, C++ and MRuby. Besides Frank organizes Cologne’s NoSQL group & is an active member of NoSQL community.


  1. Antonis Karagiannis on August 19, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    That’s great news!
    The cookbook will be really helpful for many people…

    thank you!

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