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ArangoDB 1.4.0 Released: Discover New Features | ArangoDB ’13

This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

We are proud to announce that version 1.4.0 of ArangoDB has been released. The release is available for download here: https://www.arangodb.com/download Thanks to all contributors and testers for your enormous help!

Features This release is a major milestone for us, because it contains two of the most wanted features:

  • replication
  • multi-database support It also comes with:
  • Foxx, a lightweight framework for building APIs and applications, see https://www.arangodb.com/manuals/current/UserManualFoxx.html
  • a new and much improved admin web interface, including an intuitive graph browser, see http://www.arangodb.com/manuals/current/NewFeatures14.html#NewFeatures14WebInterface
  • full swagger API documentation, allowing you to easily test and play with the server API using a browser
  • an easy to use import/export tool, see http://www.arangodb.com/manuals/current/NewFeatures14.html#NewFeatures14DumpReload
  • an asynchronous request API (can be used for “fire-and-forget” requests and decrease client waiting time)
  • and several other improvments The complete list of new features can be found here:


Installing / Upgrading We have used the openSUSE Build System to generate RPMs and DEBs for the most popular distributions. But ArangoDB should compile on almost any Linux system. We even got it up and running on a Raspberry PI. MacOSX and Windows versions are available, too. If you are upgrading from an older version, please read the Upgrade documentation. The database directory must be migrated then. That is an easy task, just follow the documentation. The Upgrade notes are available at:


Drivers The multi-database support required one potentially incompatible change to the server API. There is a compatibility mode for older clients. Enabling it is described in the Upgrade documentation.

Mac OS X You can download a DMG for MacOSX. The new formula has also been pushed to homebrew and is now available via brew. The App Store version however might take a bit longer to become available. We will keep you informed.

Devel Branch The devel branch is now used for developing ArangoDB 1.5 and we already started with new features. One of the next features we’ll be working on will be sharding capabilities. If you are currently using the devel branch for testing 1.4 features, please switch to the 1.4 branch.

Frank Celler

Frank Celler

Frank is both entrepreneur and backend developer, developing mostly memory databases for two decades. He is the CTO and co-founder of ArangoDB. Try to challenge Frank asking him questions on C, C++ and MRuby. Besides Frank organizes Cologne’s NoSQL group & is an active member of NoSQL community.

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