Configuring ArangoDB-PHP to use active failover

This article is about setting up active failover for ArangoDB-PHP, the PHP client driver for ArangoDB. It requires ArangoDB-PHP 3.3.2 or higher, and an ArangoDB server version of 3.3.4 or higher.

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Active failover: basic setup

Historically, ArangoDB-PHP has been able to connect to a single ArangoDB endpoint, i.e. one combination of IP address and port number.

To connect to an ArangoDB server that is running on localhost or on a remote server, simply set the `OPTION_ENDPOINT` item in the `ConnectionOptions` and connect: Read more

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ArangoDB PHP Driver Version 1.0 Released | ArangoDB 2012

Yesterday version 1.0 of the PHP driver for ArangoDB was released. It contains basic support for edges as well as fixes and tests. Check out the Changelog for further details. Many thanks go to Frank Mayer for his contribution! 🙂

There is also a comprehensive PHP driver tutorial available on Github.

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