August 2022 ArangoDB Cloud Monthly Newsletter

August 2022: ArangoDB Cloud Monthly Newsletter

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New: Private endpoint support for all major cloud providers

Private endpoints allow the connection from your application to your ArangoDB Cloud deployment to stay entirely within the cloud service provider’s network and remain unexposed to the public internet. 

Last year we introduced support for private endpoints for Microsoft Azure. In June, we announced that private endpoints were GA for ArangoDB Cloud deployments running on AWS. Today, we are happy to share that we now support all three major cloud providers with the addition of private endpoints for Google Cloud Platform

Please note: the private endpoint feature is only available for enterprise-tier ArangoDB ArangoGraph organizations. Contact your account executive to know more about this feature, or get in touch with us here

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Public Preview of Microsoft Azure Now Available on ArangoDB Oasis

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Today we are excited to invite everybody to take the first public preview of Azure on ArangoDB ArangoGraph for a test ride. In case you haven’t joined ArangoGraph yet, please find more details about our offering and a 14-day free trial on Just choose Microsoft Azure as your cloud provider and choose from the many regions we already support.

You can share all feedback with us about regions you’d love to see added or other improvements on slack. Please use the #ArangoGraph channel on Community Slack or raise an issue via the “Request Help” button in the bottom right corner of ArangoGraph.

Please note that this is a public preview and not meant to be run in production. Read more

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Say Hi To ArangoDB ArangoGraph: A Fully-Managed Multi-Model Database Service

ArangoDB Oasis Managed ServiceAfter two years of planning, preparation and a few lines of code, you can now enjoy an even more comfortable developers’ life with ArangoDB.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of ArangoDB’s managed service ArangoGraph– a fully-managed graph database, document, and key-value store, as well as a full-text search engine – in one place.

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Building Our Managed Service on Kubernetes: ArangoDB Insights

Running distributed databases on-prem or in the cloud is always a challenge. Over the past years, we have invested a lot to make cluster deployments as simple as possible, both on traditional (virtual) machines (using the ArangoDB Starter) as well as on modern orchestration systems such as Kubernetes (using Kube-ArangoDB).

However, as long as teams have to run databases themselves, the burden of deploying, securing, monitoring, maintaining & upgrading can only be reduced to a certain extent but not avoided.

For this reason, we built ArangoDB ArangoGraph.
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Early Bird Sign-up Open for ArangoDB Managed Service

ArangoDB already had quite some nice announcements this year… so we thought we should stick with it.

Today, we are pleased to announce the managed service for ArangoDB, and with it, early sign-ups are open.

Many asked us for a service that would relieve you from hosting, managing and monitoring ArangoDB deployments. We already made deployment very easy with the ArangoDB Starter or the Kubernetes Operator but… you know, having not even to think about it is even better 🙂 Read more

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