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BI Tools Support

ArangoDB supports a variety of popular BI and analytics tools to provide organizations with choice and flexibility when accessing ArangoDBs advanced Graph capabilities.

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Easily embed the Tableau connector within ArangoDB, enabling direct data extraction from AQL queries to Tableau and beyond. Seamlessly bridge the gap between your multi-model data and powerful visualization tools for informed decision-making and efficient data exploration.

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Integrating Power BI with ArangoDB offers a seamless pathway to harness the power of pagination for enhanced document analysis. This connection enables you to effortlessly traverse through extensive datasets, making data exploration and visualization a breeze.  Leverage Custom API Endpoints and powerful Data Transformation features to maximize the value of the integration.

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Aside from supporting pagination through the Qlik Connector, the connector's seamless data delivery mechanism ensures these paginated data subsets are efficiently transported to various applications. Think of it as a streamlined conveyor belt, transporting precisely segmented data slices to the waiting hands of other tools and software. Whether it's feeding data into reporting tools, dashboard generators, or custom applications, the Qlik Connector seamlessly facilitates this flow of information.

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Effortlessly link ArangoDB with Grafana, fostering a seamless connection for advanced analytics and real-time monitoring. Harness the power of data visualization and insightful dashboards to gain deeper insights and ensure optimal performance across your applications and systems.

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With Foxx in ArangoDB, you can seamlessly integrate business intelligence (BI) tools by creating custom web services that expose data endpoints for BI applications. This enables direct access to ArangoDB data through APIs, facilitating data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes. You can build APIs tailored to BI tool requirements, allowing for real-time data updates, customized analytics, and interactive dashboards, enhancing your BI integration capabilities.

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