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Say Hi To ArangoDB ArangoGraph: A Fully-Managed Multi-Model Database Service

ArangoDB Oasis Managed ServiceAfter two years of planning, preparation and a few lines of code, you can now enjoy an even more comfortable developers’ life with ArangoDB.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of ArangoDB’s managed service ArangoGraph– a fully-managed graph database, document, and key-value store, as well as a full-text search engine – in one place.

ArangoGraph is available immediately for Google Cloud, AWS – and also Microsoft Azure will be available very soon.

The goal for ArangoGraph was and is to provide highly scalable and secure deployments with just a few clicks and to be ready for action in minutes. And this is exactly what ArangoGraph is.

Take ArangoDB ArangoGraph for a test run. Feel free to sign-up for your free 14-day trial by just creating your account here: cloud.arangodb.com.

ArangoDB ArangoGraph in a Nutshell

ArangoDB ArangoGraph offers everything you can expect from a modern managed service offering. And, as it runs a native multi-model database, you get a managed, scalable document store, graph database and search engine in one place.

add whitelist to deployment small

Per default, ArangoGraph runs the Enterprise Edition of ArangoDB, including security features like encryption (on transit, at rest, backups) and auditing, but also the special enterprise features like SmartGraphs and SmartJoins. These features enable high performance even with complex query requirements on distributed datasets.

Elastic Scalability

Creating deployments on ArangoDB ArangoGraph is really simple. Just select your preferred cloud provider and region, configure your deployment and hit “create”. ArangoGraph will send you a notification as soon as your deployment is ready for action.

Application needs change over time and a managed service should meet those changing requirements. You can easily define and change the size of your database nodes as well as the amount of instances you want in your deployments without any service interruption. ArangoGraph takes care of everything under the hood.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our ArangoGraph team lead and architect Ewout likes to say, “We are living in 2019, so security should be prio 1. Always.” To ensure that you can build your applications to very high-security standards, ArangoGraph always encrypts everything before it hits the disk.

From HTTPS endpoints to encryption at rest and encrypted backups (AES-256-CTR encryption), your data is safe. ArangoDB ArangoGraph also provides fine-grained role-based access control and policies, so you can clearly define who has access to what on an organization, project and individual deployment level.

IP-Whitelisting, internal firewalls, auditing and enhanced data masking for data exports are also included to build HIPAA-, PCI- and GDPR/CCPA-compliant applications on top of ArangoGraph.

OneShard: Highly-Available, Fault-Tolerant & Transactional Deployments

With the launch of ArangoGraph, users now have access to a brand new deployment mode called OneShard.

Especially for graph use cases, many from the community expressed the need of an additional deployment mode for ArangoDB to provide the high-availability and fault-tolerance benefits of a cluster, with the traversal performance and transactional guarantees of a single instance or active failover setup.

The new OneShard deployment provides an ideal solution: synchronous replication and multi-document transactions as well as efficient, locally executed AQLs to speed-up graph traversals and joins. OneShard is the ideal option for applications where all your data fits on one node, where you need to run queries across all data and you, therefore, want to minimize the number of network hops (Graph Traversals, Join Operations) while you rely on synchronous replication to guarantee availability and fault-tolerance.

Organized & Secure Teamwork

When you register for ArangoDB ArangoGraph, you will automatically create your first organization (your account). Each organization can have multiple projects and each project can have multiple deployments.

ArangoDB Oasis StructureThis structure mirrors the reality in many corporations and their application development process – for each project you might have a deployment for development, one for staging and one for production. The ArangoGraph structure is also perfectly suitable for freelancers having different clients.

You can invite new members to your organization just by email and configure user roles and their access policies down to the individual deployment level. Users can also be organized in groups to allow certain access rights for every member of this group.

new policy role binding smallgroups with new group added small

Fast, Consistent, Schedulable Backups

Whether you have a OneShard setup or a cluster with sharded data, what you want is a fast, simple way to create and restore backups.

With the support of ArangoDB’s “Hot Backup” feature in ArangoGraph, you can create backups either on demand or automatically in configurable intervals like hourly, daily, weekly and so on. Local backups can be restored within a couple of seconds.

Support & Pricing

With ArangoDB ArangoGraph, your organization can belong to one of the following three tiers:

  • Free-To-Try: Everyone can have a free deployment on any supported cloud provider for 14 days for testing with basic support.
  • Professional: Upgrade your Organization anytime to Professional and create as many deployments as you like. Easily configure the size and resources of your deployments. Much shorter response times for support requests.
  • Enterprise: Best available support and response times. For more details contact our Sales Team

The organization is the payroll unit. All deployments are debited from the organization’s credit card (you don’t need a credit card in the free tier), with invoices that allow costs to be allocated to individual deployments and projects. Each organization can only belong to one ArangoGraph tier (Free, Pro or Enterprise).

The price for your deployment depends on the cloud provider you selected, the amount of nodes and the size of the memory and storage you selected. You can directly see the price for any configuration you select before you create a new deployment or reconfigure an already existing one.

What’s next?

We will improve ArangoGraph constantly but also have two major improvements already on the horizon.

Add support for Microsoft Azure cloud. We are listening to all of your valuable feedback and will add Azure soon.

Missing a region? Let us know! Many regions are already supported and we are more along user & customer feedback. Just open a support ticket in ArangoGraph and let us know about your preferences.

ArangoDB ArangoGraph is an API-driven framework that also allows ArangoGraph to be controlled with various scripts. In the near future, we will also make this API available for users to allow its usage e.g. for continuous integration and deployment needs, or for automated scheduling of deployments.

Get started with ArangoGraph today! Just sign-up and test ArangoDB ArangoGraph for free at cloud.arangodb.com.

Julie Ferrario

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