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ArangoDB Webinar: Apps with ArangoDB & KeyLines

Wednesday, September 6th (5PM CEST/11AM ET/8AM PT) – Join the webinar here

Cambridge Intelligence KeyLines and ArangoDBAs data gets bigger, faster and more complex, you need to arm yourself with the best tools. In this webinar we’ll see how KeyLines and ArangoDB combine to create powerful and intuitive data analysis platforms.

Luca Olivari, President of ArangoDB, will introduce the world’s most popular multi-model database. We’ll see how its ‘triple model / single query’ approach helps developers build datastores with outstanding flexibility and power, without the risk and complexity of multiple stacks.

Cambridge Intelligence and ArangoDBNext Christian Miles, Technical Sales Manager at Cambridge Intelligence, will show how graph visualization makes that back-end power accessible to users. He’ll use a complex IT network visualization to demonstrate how a KeyLines component can help your users cut through complexity and overcome data scale to reveal insights.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll understand the advantages of a KeyLines + ArangoDB combination, and be ready to get started. Join the webinar and submit all your questions here.

Wednesday, September 6th (5PM CEST/11AM ET/8AM PT)

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