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Learn ArangoDB while contributing

We are fortunate to live in an open-source world with a fairly large international community of users and contributors, which has been only growing more and more in the past year. (Big thanks for that, by the way 😉 ) Especially that we have recently received quite a few requests on how one can contribute to ArangoDB in an easy and quick way, we have decided that the time has come to get closer to our community and get even more involved.

A lot of great ideas came up during a chat with some of our long-term users on how we could improve on that front. Among all others, the most straightforward one is asking the community for some help and support on GitHub. So we took a bit of time to go through open issues and selected a few now tagged ‘Help Wanted’. Here is a selection of easy tasks that will get you started contributing to ArangoDB with code or ideas and concepts for features. It is only a few to start with, but if you want to get involved we would appreciate your helping hand!


If you have ideas for any other issue where you can help out, feel free to ping us – we are always happy to hear from you.

We have several other possibilities of how you can get involved in the ArangoDB world. If you have an interesting recipe idea in mind – here is how to add it to our Cookbook. Need a driver? You can contribute to already existing community run drivers or build your own. Most recent developments are ArangoDB Elixir drivers: xarango by Michel Benevento @beno and arangoex by Austin Morris @austinsmorris. You will find more options on how to get involved on our community page.

Please note: As we are a company registered in Germany (and everything has to be in “Ordnung”), we kindly ask you to sign a CLA if you do pull requests to the official ArangoDB repository. You can download it here, send it to cla[@]arangodb[.]com or fax it to +49-221-2722999-88

Happy contributing!

Julie Ferrario

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