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ArangoDB Team in Silicon Valley: Innovation and Collaboration

ArangoDB’s outpost in the Bay area is getting more and more crowded. CTO Frank @fceller has joined the team of our CEO Claudius @weinberger, and ArangoDB´s lead developers: Max @neunhoef & Michael @mchacki. The latter are in San Francisco for a while already.

You can meet our team by attending several Meetups, the Collision Conf in Vegas (5-7 May) or at the @GeekdomSF office at Folsom Street #100, near Moscone Center. Get in touch, grab’ a coffee and join the discussions about NoSQL and multi-model databases. We are here to stay – at least until the end of May.

The team is looking forward to joining the tech crowd at the Collision Conf downtown Las Vegas on 5–6 May 2015. Collision is a new type of tech conference for America:

“A meeting place for people who are both building the companies of tomorrow and managing the companies of today.” – (Collision Conf)

We are proud to get a chance to share our vision on multi-model databases and present ArangoDB during a Startup-Pitch. We will demonstrate our latest developments on DCOS integration at our booth. The team is currently working on an exciting demo to show the crowd how multi-model databases compare in the NoSQL landscape.

Max will also attend the #StrataConf 2015 in London with an interesting use-case about “Multi-model databases and the art of aircraft maintenance”. He will show a practical example of how the combination of documents and graphs are beneficial for modern applications.


Ingo Friepoertner

Ingo is dealing with all the good ideas from the ArangoDB community, customers and industry experts to improve the value provided by the company’s native multi-model approach. In former positions he worked as a product owner and tech consultant, building custom software solutions for large companies in various industries. Ingo holds a diploma in business informatics from FHDW University of Applied Sciences.

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