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ArangoDB 2.5 – Improved Foxx Development Process

This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

Version 2.5 of ArangoDB makes the development of Foxx based apps a lot easier.

For each of your Foxx apps you could activate the development mode individually, forcing a reread from disk at every request, and providing additional debug output. Set the development mode for an app doesn’t change the mount-point anymore. The Foxx source location on your filesystem is now identical with the mount-point of your app.

Installing an app is now as simple as it should be:

  • install: get your Foxx app up and running
  • uninstall: shut it down and erase it from disk

The error output in ArangoDB 2.5 is more fine-grained and precise to help you debugging your application. Default handlers deliver a proper error message in case of unhandled errors in Foxx apps or individual routes.

In production mode the messages above will NOT contain any information about your Foxx internals and are safe to be exposed to third party users. In development mode the messages above will contain the stack trace (if available), making it easier for your in-house devs to track down errors in the application.

We have also added a console object to Foxx apps. All Foxx apps now have a console object implementing the familiar Console API in their global scope, which can be used to log diagnostic messages to the database.


Ingo Friepoertner

Ingo is dealing with all the good ideas from the ArangoDB community, customers and industry experts to improve the value provided by the company’s native multi-model approach. In former positions he worked as a product owner and tech consultant, building custom software solutions for large companies in various industries. Ingo holds a diploma in business informatics from FHDW University of Applied Sciences.

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