ArangoDB 1.4.9 Release: Enhancements & Bug Fixes

This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

A bug-fix release is available

v1.4.9 (2014-02-07)

* return a document's current etag in response header for HTTP HEAD requests on
  documents that return an HTTP 412 (precondition failed) error. This allows
  retrieving the document's current revision easily.

* added AQL function `SKIPLIST` to directly access skiplist indexes from AQL
  This is a shortcut method to use a skiplist index for retrieving specific documents in 
  indexed order. The function capability is rather limited, but it may be used
  for several cases to speed up queries. The documents are returned in index order if
  only one condition is used.

      /* return all documents with mycollection.created > 12345678 */
      FOR doc IN SKIPLIST(mycollection, { created: [[ '>', 12345678 ]] })
        RETURN doc

      /* return first document with mycollection.created > 12345678 */
      FOR doc IN SKIPLIST(mycollection, { created: [[ '>', 12345678 ]] }, 0, 1)
        RETURN doc

      /* return all documents with mycollection.created between 12345678 and 123456790 */
      FOR doc IN SKIPLIST(mycollection, { created: [[ '>', 12345678 ], [ '<=', 123456790 ]] })
        RETURN doc

      /* return all documents with mycollection.a equal 1 and .b equal 2 */
      FOR doc IN SKIPLIST(mycollection, { a: [[ '==', 1 ]], b: [[ '==', 2 ]] })
        RETURN doc

  The function requires a skiplist index with the exact same attributes to 
  be present on the specified colelction. All attributes present in the skiplist
  index must be specified in the conditions specified for the `SKIPLIST` function.
  Attribute declaration order is important, too: attributes must be specified in the 
  same order in the condition as they have been declared in the skiplist index.

* added command-line option `--server.disable-authentication-unix-sockets`
  with this option, authentication can be disabled for all requests coming
  in via UNIX domain sockets, enabling clients located on the same host as
  the ArangoDB server to connect without authentication.
  Other connections (e.g. TCP/IP) are not affected by this option.
  The default value for this option is `false`.
  Note: this option is only supported on platforms that support Unix domain

* fail if invalid `strategy`, `order` or `itemOrder` attribute values
  are passed to the AQL TRAVERSAL function. Omitting these attributes 
  is not considered an error, but specifying an invalid value for any
  of these attributes will make an AQL query fail.

* call global arangod instance destructor on shutdown

* issue #755: TRAVERSAL does not use strategy, order and itemOrder options

  these options were not honored when configuring a traversal via the AQL
  TRAVERSAL function. Now, these options are used if specified.

* allow vertex and edge filtering with user-defined functions in TRAVERSAL,

      // using user-defined AQL functions for edge and vertex filtering
      RETURN TRAVERSAL(friends, friendrelations, "friends/john", "outbound", {
        followEdges: "myfunctions::checkedge",
        filterVertices: "myfunctions::checkvertex"

      // using the following custom filter functions
      var aqlfunctions = require("org/arangodb/aql/functions");
      aqlfunctions.register("myfunctions::checkedge", function (config, vertex, edge, path) { 
        return (edge.type !== 'dislikes'); // don't follow these edges
      }, false);

      aqlfunctions.register("myfunctions::checkvertex", function (config, vertex, path) { 
        if (vertex.isDeleted || ! vertex.isActive) {
          return [ "prune", "exclude" ]; // exclude these and don't follow them
        return [ ]; // include everything else
      }, false);

* issue #748: add vertex filtering to AQL's TRAVERSAL[_TREE]() function

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