ArangoDB DigitalOcean Cluster: Scalable and Efficient Deployment

It is often difficult and time-consuming to setup a cluster environment for development or production purposes. For this reason, we decided to make an initial setup for you as easy as possible.

Today we’re introducing the first part of our new deployment tool for cloud computing platforms (Edit: now also available: Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine):

Part 1: Digital Ocean

We’ve released our first prototype, which deploys an ArangoDB Cluster on Digital Ocean. Just download a single bash script, export your Digital Ocean API Token and watch the tool take care of the rest for you.

chmod 755


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ArangoDB Sharding Release 2.0.0-rc1: Enhanced Scalability

This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

Sharding has come to ArangoDB. We are proud to announce the release candidate of ArangoDB 2.0.0. The ArangoDB 2 is API downward compatible to ArangoDB 1.4. ArangoDB 2 can be used as standalone or distributed system. You can use the same packages / binaries for a stadalone and a sharding setup. See “setup cluster” for how to enable the cluster features of ArangoDB 2 and how to distribute your data to many servers. Please note that the datafiles are not compatible. ArangoDB 2 will convert these files to a newer format. If you only want to play with the new sharding features, make sure that you use a separate database directory. Where to go next? – a general introduction – how set up a distributed cluster. coming soon: guidelines for API implementors

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