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Enterprise-grade Security

Data security in the form of proactively protecting data and allowing access only to authorized persons has the highest priority for enterprises worldwide – protecting their users and their brands.

The Enterprise Edition of ArangoDB provides modern, enterprise-grade security features for meeting today’s encryption, authentication, and auditing standards. Build SOC 2, HIPAA-, PCI-, GDPR- and CCPA-compliant applications easier with multi-model flexibility – on-prem, in the cloud, and with ArangoGraph Insights Platform.


ArangoDB is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. SOC 2 is centered around how an organization protects customer data. ArangoDB is one of the leading graph databases, so working with data and protecting it from data loss and unauthorized access has been in our DNA from the start.

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Encryption 360

Encrypt all data before it hits the disk. ArangoDB Enterprise supports modern encryption on transit, at rest and for backuped data. Sensitive data is protected in all circumstances and with strong AES-256-CTR encryption algorithms. Optimized for multi-processor environments, security in ArangoDB is perfectly suitable for high-performance needs.

Enhanced Authentication with LDAP

The ArangoDB LDAP Server feature available in ArangoDB Enterprise Edition can keep the user authentication setup for an ArangoDB instance (single or cluster) in an LDAP server outside of ArangoDB. A crucial component of this is that one can add and withdraw users and permissions by only changing the LDAP server – eliminating the need to touch the ArangoDB instance.

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Detailed Auditing

Who did what and when in the database? Modern regulations like CCPA and GDPR require organizations to know much more about their data access and processing to meet internal and external compliance requirements. Auditing in ArangoDB Enterprise provides detailed information about data access for compliance, as well as forensic analytics in case of a data breach.

Enhanced Data Masking

Mask sensitive data for optimal testing and development purposes without compromising on security. Data Masking in ArangoDB allows your teams to export obfuscated production data while preserving its structure for secure development and testing as close to production as possible. Obfuscate credit card and social security numbers, birthdays, names and many other forms of sensitive data.

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