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Graph Database
Performance At Any Scale

ArangoDB is the only property graph database capable of combining true horizontal scalability with high performance. Unique features in ArangoDB Enterprise and our cloud service let you tailor your distribution strategy exactly to your use case for optimal performance and flexibility.

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No credit card needed to get started.

How does ArangoGraph Insights Platform help you?

Running any database by yourself takes a lot of work and expertise.

We created ArangoGraph so you do not have to worry about any of that and focus your time and energy on building great applications!

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Key Features & Benefits

Fully managed:

Graph database

Document store

Search engine

Native multi-model

ArangoGraph offers you a fully managed graph database, document store and full-text search engine.

All in one place.

When your application needs to evolve, you can go multi-model at any time.

High Availability

Ensure that your graph data is available with minimal effort by your operations team

Multi-availability Zone Clusters • Managed Zero-downtime Upgrades • Managed Backups • One-Click Disaster Recovery • Monitoring & Alerting • Managed Log Management

Highly Secure

Single Sign On

Private VPC Endpoints

Audit Log

Always-on Encryption

IP Allowlisting

Encryption at transit & at rest guarantee all your data is encrypted before it hits the disk or sent over the network.

In addition, you can assign fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) policies to your organization, your projects or deployments. This assigns permissions to groups or individual users.

Elastic Scale

OneShard Database

Sharded Clusters

Multi-Tenant Ready

Organized Teamwork

You can elastically scale with all deployment models (EnterpriseGraph, OneShard & Sharded Clusters) anytime and use the special Enterprise features for efficient queries on distributed data.

Configuration as Code

Unlimited Data Loading • Continuous integration • Automatic scaling • oasisctl Command Line Utility • Terraform


Completely manage ArangoGraph via a sophisticated API.

Automate ArangoGraph using your preferred programming language, script it using the oasisctl commandline tool or manage your infrastructure GitOps style using Terraform.

Expert Support

24×7 Phone Support

Response Time SLAs

Customer Success

Community Support

Get support by the people who built ArangoGraph and ArangoDB’s distributed systems.

You can choose between different support plans for every deployment ranging from good support in the free version to individual expert support with short response times in ArangoGraph Enterprise.

Build for Multi-Tenancy and Modern Teamwork

Create as many deployments as you need, scale them elastically any time to meet changing demand and welcome new customers seamlessly.

Arrange your deployments in projects to to mirror development structures within your team or company.

Assign fine-grained user access policies to deployments, projects and individual users to coordinate teamwork while meeting GDPR, CCPA and other regulations. From the first line of code to large organizations, ArangoDB ArangoGraph Insights Platform has you covered.

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No credit card needed to get started.