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Unveiling the Clear Winner in Graph Databases

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Do You Know How Graph Databases Stack Up?

Watch this 3-minute video to learn which database emerged as the clear winner over other Graph database contenders

Here are a few key insights:

  • Consistent Outperformance: ArangoDB consistently outshines its competitors. Queries that take significantly longer with other Graph databases are executed in milliseconds with ArangoDB.
  • Enterprise Support Excellence: Unlike Neo4j, ArangoDB delivers unmatched enterprise support and excels in pruning, filtering, and precise data retrieval through traversals.
  • Native Full-text Search: Our native support for full-text search eliminates the need for additional technologies like Elasticsearch, streamlining your workflow.
  • Robust Security Measures: ArangoDB addresses security concerns by ensuring synchronous data copying across all nodes, virtually eliminating the possibility of data loss.
  • Natively Designed for Scalability: We've prioritized scalability, offering horizontal scalability via clustering, ensuring your database grows seamlessly with your organization.

Watch the 3-minute Video to witness the ArangoDB difference and discover why it's the preferred choice for those who demand exceptional performance and scalability.