Summit 2023

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ArangoDB-logoKeynote 1 - A New Dawn in AI: Merging Graph Databases with Machine Learning
Shekhar Iyer, CEO, ArangoDB 
ArangoDB-logoKeynote 2 - Graph & GraphML Done Right
Jörg Schad, PhD, CTO, ArangoDB 
ML & Graph Analytics Track
ArangoDB-logoConcepts & Demo of LLM + KGs in Action
Jörg Schad, PhD, CTO and
Anthony Mahana, SW Engineer, ArangoDB
ArangoDB-logoIntro to Graph & Graph ML Case Studies
Chris Woodward, Developer Relations Engineer, ArangoDB
NVIDIAMaking Graph Analytics 100x Faster
Bradley Rees, Sr. Manager, RAPIDS cuGraph, NVIDIA
ArangoDB-logoArangoGraphML Hands-On & Roadmap
Chris Woodward, Developer Relations Engineer, ArangoDB
Industry Track
BAE-logoCyber & Intelligence for Governmental Agencies  Paul Gibson, Intelligence Reveal Product Owner, BAE 
HealthcareAnalyzing Health Records with ArangoDBMartin Haunschild, Staff Enterprise Architect, GE Healthcare 
HPEArangoDB in Next Generation Aruba CentralMartin Lord, Sr. Distinguished Cloud Technologist and Siva Erigineni, Distinguished Cloud Technologist, HPE 
ArculesTechnology Platform Permissions ModelKana Waanders, Lead Senior SW Engineer, Arcules 
Use Case Track
ArangoDB for Supply Chain AutomationMoritz Jung, Global Solutions Architect, AEB 
Hidden Patterns to Transform InvestigationMartin Kovar, Head of Product Development, Cogniware 
Content Mgmt. for Product DevelopmentSupratik Champati, SVP, Altair 
Case Mgmt. Data Fusion & GraphChristina Kouzari & Nicholas Loulloudes, TRG 
Graph Visualization For Fraud DetectionScott Heath, Customer Success Executive, Expero 
Deep Technical Track
Technology Platform Permissions ModelJason Schmidt, Architect and Scott McCorkle, CEO & Co-Founder, MetaCX 
Clustering & Replication Deep DiveAlfred Scholldorf, Global Solutions Architect, Global Relay 
Cyber Security at Finite State  w/ArangoDBMatt Wyckhouse, Founder & CTO, Finite State 
ArangoDB Products Update Track
ArangoDB-logoSimplifying Graph SuperpowersJörg Schad, PhD, CTO, ArangoDB 
ArangoDB-logoThe ArangoGraph & ArangoDB RoadmapAndrey Abramov, Senior Product Manager and Matt Carabine, Head of Product, ArangoDB 
ArangoDB-logoArangoGraph Technical Deep DiveMatt Carabine, Head of Product, ArangoDB 
ArangoDB-logoThe ArangoDB Ecosystem ExpandedCarsten Tang, Engineering Manager, ArangoDB