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Database servers are entrusted with oftentimes vital data. ArangoDB offers all the bells and whistles in the book to provide the utmost consistency and safety for your data. But no matter how much energy one invests in creating a safe environment, having the facility to create consistent, affordable, and yet effortless snapshots of a data operation is invaluable.

ArangoDB installations from a single server to big clusters can be snapshotted with the ease of a single API call. Moreover, one may up and downloads such snapshots to any conceivable cloud storage technology. This talk walks you through the range of possibilities and highlights pros and cons. Most of the demonstration is done on a live ArangoDB cluster.

Learn more about it in the Hot Backups and Restores in ArangoDB blog post.

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Kaveh Vahedipour

About the Presenter:

Kaveh is a Master’s in theoretical physics in Cologne, Zuerich, and Bonn. Ph.D. in physics. He joined ArangoDB in 2016 after medical imaging research and lecturing at Juelich Research Center, RWTH Aachen University, Maastricht University, and New York University as a core software engineer. He has been responsible for the development of core facilities in the ArangoDB cluster; among them the consensus infrastructure.