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This lunch session is an introductory video and focuses on the general concepts of Knowledge Graphs. Chris Woodward, ArangoDB Developer Relations Engineer, covers:

  • What is a Graph Database?
  • What is a Knowledge Graph?
  • How do you Build a Knowledge Graph?

He finishes with a discussion of some existing tools for dealing with semantic data, and some of the challenges with working with this type of structured data in property graphs. Hopefully, this video will serve to pique your interest in knowledge graphs in ArangoDB and in general.

Learn more about Knowledge Graphs by checking out our Whitepaper.

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Chris Woodward

About the Presenter:

Chris has over ten years of experience at all technology angles, including service, support, and development. He continues his trend of being a versatile technologist at ArangoDB as a Developer Relations Engineer. Chris believes the future is a native multi-model and is determined to tell the world.