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Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #7: Getting Started with ArangoDB ArangoGraph

Looking to get a glimpse of ArangoDB ArangoGraph, the managed service for ArangoDB?

In this Lunch Break, Senior Software Developer Robert Stam will introduce the ArangoGraph platform.

First, he will demonstrate how to create a deployment with ArangoGraph, which is an ArangoDB cluster running in the cloud.

His second demo will show how to connect to your ArangoGraph deployment — both how to connect from code, and how to display metrics in Grafana.

About the Presenter:

Robert has developed many successful products mainly in C#. He loves to write product grade code, including tests. He is focused on cloud platforms, and currently specializes in Kubernetes. He is one of the engineers who is creating ArangoDB ArangoGraph, the managed cloud for ArangoDB. Previously he worked at one of the most security minded companies in the world, so *Security* is his second name.


Robert Stam

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