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This is Part 2 in a two-part series covering the basics of AQL query performance optimization (you can find Part 1 here).

This Lunch Break covers AQL query performance optimizations for cluster setups. ArangoDB Senior Developer Jan Steemann touches upon some factors that contribute to cluster AQL query performance, namely sharding and replication factor. He also explains some features of ArangoDB Enterprise for co-locating data in a way that minimizes cluster-internal roundtrips and improves performance.

To learn more about AQL, check out our tutorial.

Jan Steemann
Jan Steeman

About the Presenter:

After more than 30 years of playing around with 8-bit computers, assembler and scripting languages, Jan decided to move on to work in database engineering. Jan is now a senior C/C++ developer with the ArangoDB core team, being there from version 0.1. He is mostly working on performance optimization, storage engines and the querying functionality.