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Download & install a nightly package

If you want to revalidate certain bugfixes or simply test preview packages, you can install the nightly built packages. To find the nightly builds, use the download archive and there select the “nightly” category.

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Docker Containers

There is also the option to get an ArangoDB nightly in a Docker container. To not confuse nightly/alpha grade docker containers with our stable release, we only offer the nightlies via our private Docker repository.

The latest nightly Docker container can be obtained and started as follows:

docker pull arangodb/arangodb-preview:devel-nightly


docker run -d -e ARANGO_ROOT_PASSWORD="test" -p 8529:8529 arangodb/arangodb-preview:devel-nightly

That will make ArangoDB available on port 8529 with authentication. You can use username “root” and password “test” to connect to it. You can change the startup options as needed.

There also nightly builds for other release branches than devel. For example, to get the latest nightly build of the 3.9 series, please use:

docker pull arangodb/arangodb-preview:3.11-nightly


docker run -d -e ARANGO_ROOT_PASSWORD="test" -p 8529:8529 arangodb/arangodb-preview:3.11-nightly


The corresponding documentation is available via the Nightly Documentation page. You may want to inspect the CHANGELOG for whats new.