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ArangoDB + Intel: Accelerating GraphML with Advanced Processing Technologies

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 4, 2023 – ArangoDB, a leader in graph database technology, has joined forces with Intel to harness the power of advanced processing technologies for Graph Machine Learning (GraphML). This collaboration revolves around the optimization of ArangoDB’s solutions with Intel's high-performance processors, notably the Xeon series, Flex series GPUs, and the Max series GPUs.

Intel's processors are renowned for their high computational capabilities, essential for handling the complex calculations involved in GraphML. The Intel Xeon processor series, for example, provides robust support for large-scale data processing, while the Flex and Max series GPUs offer unparalleled efficiency in parallel processing and deep learning tasks. These features make Intel's technology an ideal match for ArangoDB's GraphML solutions, which require intensive computation for data analysis and pattern recognition in complex graph structures.

The collaboration is part of the Intel Disruptor Program, which aims to foster innovation by partnering with technology leaders to accelerate the development of cutting-edge solutions. This program provides resources and support to explore new possibilities in data processing and analytics. ArangoDB's participation in this program underscores the potential of its GraphML solutions when combined with Intel’s advanced processing technologies.

According to Jörg Schad, ArangoDB’s CTO, "Integrating with Intel's powerful processors opens new horizons for our GraphML capabilities. The synergy between ArangoDB’s sophisticated graph processing and Intel’s advanced technology will drive unprecedented efficiency and speed in data analytics."

Intel Corporation’s Arijit Bandyopadhyay – CTO Enterprise Analytics and AI, Head of Strategy – Cloud and Enterprise, Corporate Strategy & Ventures Group adds, "Our collaboration with ArangoDB is a striking example of how Intel's Latest generation processors and other software-hardware assets, especially in the realms of HPC, AI and Analytics, can elevate the capabilities of leading-edge Graph Databases and Graph AI technologies. The Intel Disruptor Program is all about pushing these boundaries in emerging use cases with new technologies - and we are excited to see where this partnership evolves."

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of GraphML and database technology, setting the stage for new breakthroughs in data analysis and intelligence.

Learn more about Graph Machine Learning with ArangoDB and Intel here.

Contact Information: Julie Ferrario, Head of Demand Generation, ArangoDB

About ArangoDB

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