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ArangoDB Boosts Performance and Usability Across Search, Graph, and Analytics with Release of ArangoDB 3.11

Latest version of graph database includes search and graph query performance optimizations, as well as new web interface functionality

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SAN FRANCISCO – May 30, 2023 – ArangoDB, the company behind the most complete graph data and analytics platform, today announced the GA release of ArangoDB 3.11 to accelerate its performance across search, graph, and analytics use cases. ArangoDB 3.11 includes performance improvements for ArangoSearch, ArangoDB’s natively-integrated full-text search and ranking engine, as well as new functionality to its web interface to simplify the database’s operations.

“ArangoDB 3.11 is designed to take the capabilities of advanced search and analytics to new heights, while also introducing a wealth of new performance, usability, and operational improvements,” said Jörg Schad, PhD, CTO at ArangoDB. “With today’s release, ArangoDB runs even faster and is more intuitive to use, allowing our customers and community to continue to unlock insights that help them optimize decision-making and accelerate innovation.”

New functionality in ArangoDB 3.11 includes:

Faster query performance across search and graph: ArangoDB 3.11 brings new functionality to ArangoSearch that improves its performance. New column caching options allow for common values to be stored in memory, and a new Analyzer for GeoJSON data stores geo-spatial data more efficiently. In addition, reduced memory usage of in-memory edge indexes as well as index cache refilling accelerate graph traversal performance while consuming fewer resources.

Improved user experience for database administration and management: With new features available in its web interface, even more of ArangoDB’s capabilities can be managed outside of the command line in a user-friendly graphical interface. The graph viewer for visualizing named graphs has received substantial improvements as well as new functionality. It has been reimplemented based on the vis.js library, the interface has been streamlined and rewritten to use the React framework, and overall performance has been improved. New features include the ability to search the visible graph to center a specific vertex, as well as by Start node. New functionality for ArangoSearch has also been added to ArangoDB’s web interface, including a search-alias View to create and manage search views, the ability to create inverted indexes on collections, as well as a new sorting mechanism and search box for Saved Queries to make it simpler to find relevant queries and discover which ones have been created or used recently.

Data science and analytics operational enhancements: ArangoDB 3.11 offers persisted execution statistics to better assist data science and graph analytics use cases.

Further features in ArangoDB 3.11 include parallel gather, write-write conflict improvements, various performance enhancements across AQL (the ArangoDB Query Language), new server options, and more.

Packaging and availability
ArangoDB 3.11 is available immediately. All new features are included in both the open source ArangoDB Community Edition and the commercial ArangoDB Enterprise Edition, except for column caching and the geo_s2 Analyzer, which are Enterprise only.

ArangoDB 3.11 is available for download as a self-managed deployment here, as well as on ArangoGraph Insights Platform, ArangoDB’s managed service.

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About ArangoDB
ArangoDB is the company behind ArangoGraph Insights Platform: a next-generation graph data and analytics platform that uncovers insights in data that are difficult or impossible with traditional SQL, document, or even other graph databases – making it easier to drive value from connected data, faster. ArangoGraph Insights Platform is the scalable backbone for graph analytics and complex data architectures for thousands of Fortune 500 enterprises and innovative startups across many different industries, including financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Founded in 2015 in Cologne, Germany, ArangoDB Inc. is a venture-backed, next-generation graph data and analytics company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices and employees worldwide. Learn more at www.arangodb.com.

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