ArangoDB Appoints Ted Dunning as Advisor

Apache Software Foundation Board Member and MapR Chief Architect Joins ArangoDB Leadership Team

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Cologne, Germany – April 04, 2018 – ArangoDB, the leading native multi-model database, today announced the appointment of Ted Dunning to its advisory board. He will join Florian Leibert (CEO and Co-Founder of Mesosphere). Dunning succeeds Luca Olivari, who is now President of the company.

ArangoDB has recently seen significant growth, resulting in increased community reach and new enterprise clients such as Barclays, Thomson Reuters and Kabbage. Organizations are adopting the native multi-model database system to simplify their ability to efficiently interact with different data structures by using just one technology. The strengthening of the advisory board emphasizes the forward momentum of ArangoDB and its greater influence within the database community.

Ted Dunning, advisory board member of ArangoDB, said: “I have seen a broad range of data systems and if there is any single lesson, it is that dogmatic adoption of a single data model is a mistake. ArangoDB helps its customers avoid that trap with its native multi-model database that retains linear scalability and flexible schema but adds crucial data structuring capabilities. I am excited to be working with ArangoDB.”

Ted Dunning is Chief Application Architect at MapR and has years of experience with machine learning and other big data solutions across a range of sectors, notably in recommendation systems and fraud detection. With twenty-five patents, and more pending,

Ted Dunning

he has a long history of innovation. Dunning has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield and is active in a number of open source projects as a contributor and mentor. He is currently serving on the board of the Apache Software Foundation.

“Working with a senior thought leader like Ted will help us further extend our community and better understand the constantly evolving demands of modern applications,” said Claudius Weinberger, Founder and CEO of ArangoDB. “At ArangoDB, we’re always striving to improve our methods and business. We’re honored to welcome an esteemed technologist like Ted Dunning.”

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